Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper BBQ Ribs

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Try this Slow Cooker Dr. Pepper BBQ Ribs recipe, and discover just how great adding a soda pop can be to improve the flavor and depth of any number of different recipes. Here, the Dr. Pepper soda pop adds caramel, coffee and brown sugar notes in to the ribs recipe to make this dish really come through. This BBQ ribs recipe is also made super easy by using the soda pop and a commercial BBQ sauce. Whichever one is your favorite is okay, according to the site that offers the recipe, An Affair From The Heart. As well, this BBQ ribs recipe is made using a slow cooker, perhaps one of the most useful and least expensive kitchen gadgets that you could own.

A slow cooker comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of not doing work on the Sabbath. If the connection is not immediately obvious to you, here it is. On the Sabbath, the housewives were not (and still are not, in traditional households today) allowed to prepare their food or meals. So if they wanted something cooked, such as meat, it had to be prepared the day before. In order to have a warm and hearty meal, housewives learned to put their food in to covered pots that they then set on the hearth. The hearth was still warm, even though the ovens had been turned off in anticipation of the Sabbath. So the foods cooked in the pots, in their own juices, at a very low temperature during the night. The next day the families had great meals that the housewives had not had to cook to prepare for them. The slow cooker was built on that idea of using a covered pot set to a very low heat to cook whatever you put in to the pot. Originally, that was just meat, chicken, fish, and possibly vegetables, and other savory items. Today, though, just about anything can be cooked in a slow cooker including puddings, cakes and other sweet dishes. Of course, savory dishes remain very popular, prepared this way.

This recipe is just a couple of ingredients and will take literally a few minutes to put together. It is then left to simmer for hours in the slow cooker until the BBQ ribs become soft, tender and sweet. You and your family will really enjoy them. These BBQ ribs can be served with your favorite mashed potatoes, or even rice, if that is what your family prefers. Add some steamed greens, possibly, such as Swiss Chard or spinach, or even a great green salad, and you have a complete meal you and your family will love. Do not miss out on this recipe. Enjoy it.

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