Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Hot Pot

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This recipe is a great way to create a meal that will give you a great meat definition. That is to

say in this recipe you can use any meat to your choosing but Judy advises you to use a Smokey variety of meat. If you have a leftover chunk of smoked ham it would help to make this one of many good home cooked meals. Once you have cooked this recipe it can be a great addition to your tasty snacks folder since it can be munched on whenever the feeling hits you. Just because the recipe calls for you to use smoked meat don’t feel pigeon holed into only using that variety.

The beauty of meats is in the meat definition. That can be varied to include many cuts of meat or if you are not a meat eater then go totally veggie or add tofu instead. You are not married to the recipe and if you want you can always add or take away any ingredients that does not fit your ideal health or taste standards. Tasty snacks like this recipe from Judy are meant to be included in your good home cooked meals file. The nice part of recipes like this one, that call for everything to be slow cooked, lies in the wonderful concept of having everything cooking in one vessel over an extended period of time thus allowing for you to be absent while it cooks.

The term bean originally was defined as the seed of a fava but was ultimately made to include other bean varieties like the common bean and runner bean. In our modern times the word bean is used for old world soybeans, chickpeas also called lentils and peas. Broad Beans that are also called fava beans and are the size of a small fingernail in their wild state. They were first gathered in Afghanistan and the Himalayan foothills. Once they were more widely used in their wild form they were made better by crossbreeding. They were then grown in Thailand and other places in the region since the early years times of the Ancient Egyptians. They were added to the tombs with the dead Egyptians along with other food and personal belongings. It wasn’t until the second millennium when they were brought to Europe and surrounding regions. They have become part of many different recipes and with their explosive power are also the butt of many jokes and limericks as well.

Dry beans must be rehydrated and that is usually done by leaving them in water for upwards of 24 hours and then draining them. Judy uses dry beans and rehydrates them but you can readily use canned ones for this and many other recipes calling for beans. This slow cooker ham and beans recipe can be cooked in a slow cooker or can easily also be cooked in a sturdy stockpot. Thanks to Judy of The Midnight Baker Blog for this yummy Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Hot Pot Recipe and bon apetit.**

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