Slow Cooker Orange Chicken Wings

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For all the chicken wings lovers, make way for this Slow Cooker Orange Chicken Wings recipe that will take you by surprise. The sweet and tangy flavors are what this chicken recipe is all about. Among many other favorite chicken wings recipes, this one stands out mainly because the combination of teriyaki sauce, garlic and orange flavor are unbeatable. The wings come out juicy dripping with the orange flavored sauce and make every bite special. Since this is a slow cooker recipe, there is not too much of prep work required. Just throw all the ingredients together, and your slow cooker will do most of the job. Easy dinner ideas are fantastic on those days when you don't feel like doing much in the kitchen. This dish is also a healthy slow cooker recipe compared to the breaded, deep fried wings you get at restaurants. Healthy dinner ideas with high drool factor always make family meals extra special.

You can make a whole batch of this chicken wings recipe and freeze it for later when you crave a little something sweet and tangy flavor for dinnertime. Healthy dinner ideas don't have to be elaborate or time-consuming. Cooking meals are all about convenience and accessibility regarding the ingredients and recipes. As long you can eat healthily it doesn't matter whether you bake, barbecue, grill or steam your meals. It's all about adding new variations and changing up your cooking style. Besides, home cooked food is any day better than buying a takeout or frozen dinners with all those unwanted preservatives and not to mention, the high sodium content in them. If you want, you can also throw some of your favorite barbecue sauce in this recipe. If you prefer the wings hot, you can also use Sriracha sauce or spices like cumin, paprika, coriander, five spice powder etc to give some heat to the wings. Just remember if you do use barbecue sauce, choose a healthier one that is low in sugar and sodium and contains minimal preservatives. Always be sure to read the ingredients list and don't be shy to compare the different labels. This way, you can make sure that your family is getting only the best.

When working with chicken or any meat, it's important to practice safe methods of handling meat to prevent cross-contamination. By handling meat safely, you can prevent 80 percent illnesses that are caused by contaminated food. The best way to keep the bacteria out of your surroundings is by proper means of cleaning your hands whenever you've handled food, especially meat. Even counter tops and kitchen sinks have to be thoroughly sanitized after you have finished working with meat. If you're not using meat right away, always freeze it as soon as possible. Never let the meat rest at room temperature to prevent salmonella. Types of meat like chicken, pork, and seafood have to be cooked thoroughly to the right temperature. Even if the meat is slightly raw, it can result in food poisoning.

A budget-friendly, preservative-free chicken wing recipe with just as little as seven ingredients will get your work done to please everyone at home. Everyone including the kids will enjoy this healthy slow cooker recipe without throwing a fuss. Thank you to Angie at the Big Bears Wife recipe blog for sharing this delicious Slow Cooker Orange Chicken Wings recipe with us. Do check out Angie’s blog for more easy dinner ideas. This Orange Chicken Wings recipe is a healthy slow cooker recipe that doesn’t need a reason to indulge unless you insist that wings are meant for Friday nights!

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