Slow Cooker Pot Roast

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It’s challenging to get quality homemade meals through the week, but with this slow cooker pot roast recipe, it will be possible to have a typical Sunday night type dinner any night. This heavenly pot roast has a delicious tomato-based sauce that Jennifer, the author of Seasons & Suppers recipe blog says everyone loves. This crock pot recipe is also a complete meal, with the additions of carrots and potatoes, and as a result, you won’t have to hurry to make the sides once you get home. Although this dish looks like a lot of effort is required, you will be surprised at how easy it is when you make it. All that’s required from you in the morning is a quick twenty minutes of prep, and then this pot roast recipe is on its way. The slow cooker does the rest of the work.

This comfort meal is as good as it gets for a cold winter evening or even a rainy spring day. The hot, tender beef and thick gravy will be sure to bring comfort to anyone who eats this dish. If you love the flavors of beef stew recipes, slow cooker pot roasts taste very similar. The primary difference is that you will be enjoying the tender beef in slices rather than in chunks, and the vegetables will be cut much larger than usual. The major concern with crock pot recipes involving vegetables is that the vegetables often cook before the beef does, and may disintegrate in the sauce. Jennifer makes sure that the vegetables stay together by suggesting to leave the carrots whole or halve them depending on their size. The potatoes should be halved as well. This way you will still have intact vegetables by the time you are ready to serve this pot roast recipe. If you happen to have smaller vegetables, though, like baby potatoes or carrots and don’t want to run out to get larger versions, you can use them. Just don’t add them at the beginning of the cooking time. Rather, add them to your slow cooker about halfway through.

Great crockpot recipes often include some steps that will showcase the flavors of the ingredients at their best. Jennifer takes the time to sear her roast to a nice, golden brown before adding to the crockpot. Searing is believed to add flavor to meat because it starts caramelizing the exterior, while also forming a crust which locks in juices. If you want to take your roast recipe a step further, you could sear the carrots as well. Once the roast is placed in the crockpot, you could add the carrots, and sear, while turning until golden. The golden carrots will add a new appeal to any crock pot meals.

Jennifer uniquely adds some cider vinegar to her roast, which gives it a tangy quality. If you enjoy some heat in your pot roast recipe, consider replacing the vinegar with prepared horseradish, which will also add a tangy taste. Thank you to Jennifer, the author of Seasons & Suppers recipe blog, for sharing her slow cooker pot roast recipe with us.

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