Slow Cooker Salsa

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I wish that the first time I had made salsa I had had this recipe for slow cooker salsa. I had no idea you needed to cook this stuff before putting it in jars and sticking it in the cupboard. It only took a few days before the pop! pop! pop! of exploding jars of foaming salsa threw open my cupboard doors spilling salsa everywhere. I was entirely humiliated, especially since I was trying to show off to my then boyfriend what a great cook I was (sigh) . . . wish I’d had this recipe and set of instructions.

This is a classic salsa, lovely, simple, and with pure ingredients that add up to terrific salsa flavor. This kind of salsa is what you find on tables in Mexico and other outside cafes in Central America and even in the deep southwest USA at really traditional cafes. No beans, no other ingredients, such tomatoes, garlic and other pure stuff. Cook, blend, chill and eat. Fabulous. For a real salsa flavor, this is the recipe to try. And making it in a slow cooker makes it plenty easy and quick to make.

Slow cookers are the greatest invention, ever. They make life and cooking so much easier. And everything turns out in a slow cooker. Meats are tender, chicken is chicken-i-er, and even fish tastes good this way. If you do not own a slow cooker, put it on your birthday list and go buy one for yourself today. Short on cash? You can always find one at a value store, for only a few dollars. Go and bargain it down. It doesn’t need to be fancy at all, just as long as it has a lid and the temperature gauge works. You will leave it sitting on your stove top because you will use it too often to put it away.

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