Slow Cooker Skinny Loaded Potato Soup

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Skinny and loaded are two words that are not always necessarily associated with each other. This loaded potato soup recipe is an easy potato soup recipe. It can be included in your family dinner ideas menu. This easy potato soup recipe from Becky is made in a slow cooker so all you have to do is put in the ingredients and sit back and wait for it to cook. Family dinner ideas can be as simple as this offering of Becky’s or can be more labor intensive ones but either way the outcomes are usually great for all. The slow cooker skinny loaded potato soup recipe has wonderful Yukon potatoes in the mix and with the turkey bacon and gruyere cheese added to the party you can better believe this soup will stick to your ribs on the cold or dreary days you might be facing.

Soups are wonderful ways to get vegetables into your children’s stomach as well as being nutritious when loaded with green leafy veggies. The options for soup are as wide a variety as the numerous amounts of recipes. Soups can be the resting place of many leftovers as well. If you are left with boiled, or steamed and yes even baked potatoes you can readily add them to a soup to help bulk it up and make use of these leftovers.

Potatoes were not always as loved as they are now and in the history of Europe they were even looked at as bad for many different reasons Potatoes were believed by many to be poisonous or evil, and were even thought to cause leprosy and syphilis and were even at one point thought of as a dangerous aphrodisiac. With that going against it the spud needed some people to actually give support to them and put them in a better light. Several prominent Europeans helped to popularize the potato and one of them was Germany's King Frederick William who in his brilliance ordered peasants to plant and eat potatoes and if not they would have their noses sliced off! Now that is a great way maybe a little extreme but probably almost 100% adhered to. A

Frenchman named Antoine Parmentier was an apprentice pharmacist that became a soldier during the Seven Years War between France and Germany during the mid 1700s. While languishing as a German prisoner of war, he was forced to subsist totally on potatoes. Years later he reportedly introduced potato soup and other delicious potato dishes to King Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and American inventor Benjamin Franklin as well as the general population. 
 England's Sir Walter Raleigh took up the potato bearing cross and was given land in Ireland by Queen Elizabeth I to grow potatoes and tobacco.

Thanks to Becky of The Cookie Rookie for her yummy Slow Cooker Skinny Loaded Potato Soup recipe. The potato and its epic journey will make it to your slow cooker and will find a home nestled along with the bacon and cheese and the journey doesn’t end there. Bon Apetit. **

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