Slow Cooker Sriracha Meatballs

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When it comes to an easy meatball recipe, this Slow Cooker Sriracha Meatballs recipe is another delicious variation on the menu and a must-have. The meatballs are cooked to perfection until the meat is tender and doused in a sweet and spicy sauce that is thick and finger licking good. The flavors of fresh ginger, garlic, cilantro will add a punch of freshness, and you’ll taste the heat coming through each bite. This recipe is still good if you don’t want the meatball sauce as spicy. Just adjust the amount of Sriracha sauce in the recipe. With all the delicious oriental flavors, this easy meatball recipe makes it a fantastic meal when you’re craving takeout food. If you wish to make this recipe healthier, choose lean ground beef or ground Turkey instead of ground pork, and the result will be the same. This recipe is all about versatility so whatever meat you want will not make a difference. You can eat these yummy meatballs served over noodles, rice, couscous or even quinoa. You can also serve this recipe as an appetizer at parties, and your crowd will be raving about it. This recipe is great for freezing as well just in case you don’t want to spend time cooking in the kitchen, and you know that there is healthy food reserved for you in the freezer. Just remember one thing though when you freeze these meatballs, make the sauce on the day you are serving so that they still taste fresh. If you are pressed for time, you can buy Trader Joe’s frozen meatballs and use this recipe to make the sauce.

For additional nutrition, you may add veggies like mushrooms, diced bell peppers or broccoli if you wish. Dinner ideas with meat and vegetables make your mealtime wholesome and unique too. Even the kids won’t be able to say no because of how close this comes to a takeout food. When buying condiments like soy sauce or any packaged food items, It is a good idea to read food labels to choose low sodium and preservative-free foods. If you don’t have Kroger Sriracha ketchup, you can make it at home by combining a three-fourth cup of regular ketchup and add one teaspoon of Sriracha sauce to it. You can add more Sriracha sauce it this isn’t spicy enough for you. Easy dinner ideas are always convenient despite the busy weeknights especially when you want to give your family only the best meals. Nobody likes to eat takeout meals on a regular basis. Not only is it unhealthy but also gets boring after a while. That’s why this recipe is so special because it has all the home flavors and tastes better than the takeout food.

When you're working with meat, it's important to practice certain safe methods of handling it to prevent food contamination. By handling meat safely, you can prevent food-borne illnesses up to 80 percent. It is critical to clean your hands before and after each time you handle meat. The best and easy way to keep bacteria out of your kitchen surroundings is to sanitize the kitchen area like the sink and countertops regularly. Always refrigerate or freeze meat under all circumstances for later use so that you can prevent salmonella.

Thank you to Heidi at the Foodie Crush food blog for sharing this fantastic Slow Cooker Sriracha Meatballs recipe with us. For more healthy and easy dinner ideas, do check out Heidi’s blog. This easy meatball recipe is a great meal option when it comes to family dinners. Make this wonderful Sriracha meatball recipe today!

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