Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup

Photo Credit: Foodie Crush

If you love Thai food, then the famous Thai Chicken Soup made with chunks of chicken breast, coconut milk, spicy curry and then flavored with lime, cilantro, ginger and other delicious Thai flavors will always make you swoon. I was first introduced to a Thai chicken soup working at a small town restaurant that specialized in foods from India, Thailand and other colorful places in the the world. The owner and chef was obsessed with Thai culture and the cuisine and did an uncanny job of creating this masterpiece of a soup.

When I actually traveled in Thailand I remember the first time I had this Thai chicken soup made fresh by a home cook, and just how much more flavorful it was when the herbs and spices were not only native to the land, but also crushed right there in a mortar and pestle. The flavors knocked my socks off and only deepened my already strong love for Thai cuisine.

In real life, however, there is not always time to linger the day away with your mortar and pestle, which is why so many people are intrigued and excited by recipe made in as slow cooker. This delicious Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup comes from a great recipe website called 'Foodie Crush', which had easy printable recipes and vibrant photography. The recipe takes about 4 hours to cook on high, so in the meanwhile you can spend some time browsing this yummy website for more ideas...perhaps a banana coconut ice cream to finish off the meal!

For the full list of ingredients and step by step directions, visit the website link below to the 'Foodie Crush' and enjoy these delicious flavors from a beautiful country!

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