Small Batch Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

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This chocolate chip skillet cookie recipe may look like a fancy dessert, but it isn’t any more challenging than your classic chocolate chip cookies recipe. This cookie recipe starts with mixing a beautiful chocolate chip cookie dough batter together than baking in a cast iron pan, so it is even easier than making a drop cookie recipe because you don’t have to worry about getting same-sized scoops. If you are a new baker and are wondering how to make choc chip cookies, however, this skillet cookie recipe gives you the option of chilling this dough for a few hours before baking into regular chocolate chip cookies. Be sure to try it in skillet form, though, because you have the excuse to eat the cookie at its best, warm, straight from the oven.

This skillet cookie is the best chocolate chip cookie because it bakes to a soft texture with gooey chocolate chips. By being served in a skillet, this cookie also looks impressive and is a shareable dessert for two to four people, making it excellent to serve to your entire family or save for a special date. Making a chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch is quite easy, but there are some things to remember so that your dish doesn’t fail. For one thing, you don’t want to overwork the gluten in your cookie dough by over mixing, or else your skillet cookie recipe will become too tough. Just stir with a wooden spoon until most of the flour is dissolved and knead the dough three to five times to incorporate the rest. Whether the dough is mixed correctly may not matter if you are eating the skillet warm, but as it cools, the cookie will firm up, and that’s where the texture will be especially important. Also, if you choose to bake your cookie recipe in an alternative dish to the small cast iron pan, you will have to adjust your bake time so that you get a perfect result. Just keep any on your cookie, and when the edges start to turn light golden, you will know that it’s done.

As far as a recipe for simple chocolate chip cookies goes, this cookie recipe is as easy as any, but it’s the wow-factor that trumps all the rest. As with any chocolate chip cookie recipe, you can get creative and mix in your favourite chocolate chip cookie fillers as well. For an Easter chocolate chip cookie, you could replace part or all of the chocolate chips with chopped candy-coated chocolate candies, like Cadbury Mini Eggs, which would turn your skillet into a bright, pastel-coloured treat with gooey chunks of chocolate. Alternatively, if you are a fan of salted chocolate, you could stir in some dark chocolate chips and pretzel chunks for a sweet and savoury combination. However you change it up, you will have your family saying that this is the best chocolate chip cookies ever. Thank you to Dorothy, the author of ‘Crazy For Crust’ recipe blog, for showing us her showstopping small batch chocolate chip skillet cookie recipe.

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