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Whether you need to build a log cabin or tiny home it’s critical to define your requirements and make them specific to the right company. Hilltop Structures is a family owned business located in Nashville, Tennessee. They provide their services across Southeast, including the entire state of Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama. The company is committed to building handcrafted log cabins and tiny homes that use reclaimed barn wood and red cedar logs to give these homes a beautiful Amish made rustic wood furniture look. They also specialize in making horse barns and storage sheds. These log cabin designs are a perfect example of skilled craftsmanship that uses superior quality building materials. They are ideal for weekend getaways or camping with family, setting up lake houses or even small offices or just about anything that you have in mind.

A unique feature about these log cabins is the way the porch is built on the gable end, which lets you take advantage of the full width of the building by giving you more interior space. Additionally, they also use a kiln dried white pine log siding that is dried, planed and milled by Amish craftsmen. Depending on what you want, you can have either exterior finished or both the exterior and interior done with insulated floor, walls, and ceiling, basic electrical wiring, and pine paneling. They also offer a 24x36 garage that comes out complete with two roll up doors, an entrance door and several windows if you want.

Log homes have always been around and are trending in a big way in today’s times. Although their origin is uncertain, log cabin construction has its roots in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Within North America, log homes and cabins trace back to the times of the 1800s and have been a symbol of humble origins in US politics since the early 19th century.

What sets Hilltop apart from their competitors is their superior quality building materials and their customer service. Once your order has been placed, they will deliver and setup your building through their mobile transport unit without causing any inconvenience to your property. They even offer free delivery to customers located within 100 miles. They offer attractive financing options from $5,000 to $100,000. For Cabins and Storage Sheds they offer online financing and are quick in their responses. They also have a rent-to-own option available with fixed interest rates and no-credit-check rent-to-own period with 36 and 48-month of no-commitment rental terms. What this means is that you can rent the building for 36 or 48 months with no commitment to keep it. If you no longer want the building, you can notify them, and they will pick it up for you. However, if you decide to keep the building after the term of the contract has ended you are entitled to own the building. These small wood cabins make a cozy getaway, hunting cabin, or charming guest house where your family will make memories that will live forever!

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