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Check out the many Yurts’s designs at Smiling Woods Yurts, and you may decide that this design of home is also the one for you and your family. The word, yurts, of Turkish origin, refers to the type of home that nomadic people of that nation used to live in, often still live in today. Yurts describes a round dwelling, historically made from animal skins and poles, looking a bit like the North American tent, but with a broader, flatter and larger roof, connecting to cylindrical walls. The design of a yurts is at least 3000 years old, and they are still the most common type of dwelling in Mongolia. Yurts homes are practical, comfortable, and most important to the nomadic culture that designed them, portable and lightweight.

The website, Smiling Woods Yurts, now designs and sells this construction. They can be made with a metal roof in order to have a long lasting and environmentally friendly design. Kits to build the roof are sold separately from the building wall design. There are three kinds of kits that you can purchase to build your own yurts, a complete building kit, a walls only kit, and a roof only kit. You can choose which kit suits your particular needs. Smiling Woods Yurts is a family owned business that has been designing and building this particular style of home for about 30 years. They use environmentally sustainable and friendly methods and materials and take care in the design of their product.

If you like the idea of living in the round, check out the website. There are plenty of photos of both interiors and exteriors, as well as design plans and layouts that you can review. The range of possibilities can meet your needs and pocket book. Check it out!Find out more at the website, Smiling Woods Yurts, by following the link below.

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