Smoked Sausage & Cheesy Rice

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When is it a better time to make Smoked Sausage & Cheesy Rice than in the middle of the night along with the midnight baker? This recipe is comfort food extraordinaire, and exactly what you want to reach in to the fridge for, pull out and re-heat in the microwave for a few tasty bites in the dark hours of late night.

Foods flavored through a smoked process have gained incredible popularity in the past five or ten years. Smoky is a really delicious taste, if it is still new to you. Different methods of smoking can bring out really different tastes, too. Using maple wood for smoking creates a flavor that has a slightly sweet undertone, reminiscent of the sugars in that wood. Jalapeno, smoked, is a robust and heated flavor. Some cheeses are smoked, for example, smoked apple cheddar cheeses use apple wood. That combination results in a slightly sweet and smoky flavor with hints of tart apple.

In some restaurants, rather than actually smoking the product itself, waiters will bring plates under glass where the air inside the glass has had some wood smoke put in it that you inhale deeply before eating the food that accompanies the smoked air. The waiter will hold the glass domed plate under your nose and then remove it so that you are immersed in the scent of smoke. This method is popular with fish soups. In all, smoking is a newly discovered flavor and process that can be a lot of fun to explore and taste.

This recipe uses the smoky flavor of sausage to make its taste statement. The dish is made right in the pan so dishes are minimized and time savings are maximized. There are plenty of great vegetables and rice to round out the sausage and cheese. You could consider a smoked cheese as well, if smoky flavor is something your family likes. This dish re-heats really well so make lots. Your family will eat it for snacks, lunch and dinner, and it's great combination of protein, carbohydrates and other good nutrition make it great even at breakfast. Enjoy!

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