Smooth Luscious Chocolate Bavarian Pie with Crunchy Graham Cracker Crust

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This easy pie recipe has a smooth chocolate taste with a crunchy graham cracker crust. This easy pie recipe is cool, smooth and luscious. A Bavarian Cream Pie dessert recipe is a cold custard that is made with cream, gelatin and different fruit purees or chocolate. You could make this easy pie recipe with a pastry crust or with the graham cracker pie crust it's up to you. For the full step by step easy pie recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Belle of the Kitchen site.

This Bavarian easy pie recipe uses an envelope of unflavored gelatin for the pie filling. Gelatin is an ingredient that is probably most associated with food ideas, especially dessert recipes. Gelatin is an ingredient that is also used in the production of glue and photography film. Gelatin is also used in many cosmetics, and you will also find gelatin used in theater for use in the colored gels that help to change the color of the theater lights. Gelatin is also used in medications to help create easier to swallow pills that are usually called gel-caps. Most people do not have any moral or health concerns about using animal ingredients that are found in gelatin; there are those however that are vegan or vegetarian and some with religious beliefs that choose not to incorporate gelatin into their diet. Gelatin isn't just for jello and dessert recipes; it is also an ingredient that is used as a thickening agent in recipes to include yogurt and certain sauce recipes. For those people who want to avoid using animal products in their diet, they will want to know which ingredients to look for as not everything is readily apparent. Thankfully, vegans and other people who want to avoid gelatin don't have to give up recipes such as jelly to help meet their dietary needs, as there are vegan forms of gelatin that are also available.

Gelatin Varieties and Types. There are other forms of gelatin that exist to help meet the needs of people who want alternatives for their dessert recipes and preserve recipes. People who are of the Jewish and Islamic faith may eat animal gelatin if it is only extracted from permitted animals which have undergone a ritual slaughter and excludes some forms to include those that are made from pigs and certain types of fish. Unfortunately, most store-bought foods tend not to list which animals that the gelatin comes from. People who wish to avoid only certain animals should stick to homemade recipes that use one of the following gelatin varieties. Carrageen, which is an ingredient that is also known as Irish moss, is a gelatinous thickening agent that is derived from natural seaweed that grows off the coast of Ireland. Irish moss is an ingredient that is often used in making homebrews and meads. Agar which is also known as agar-agar, Japanese gelatin or kanten is a dried seaweed that is sold in blocks, strands, or powder, and are used as a setting agent. Agar agar has stronger setting properties than that of gelatin, so you want to use less when substituting in your dessert recipes and easy pie recipes. Pectin is an ingredient which naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables and is used in the preparation of jellies, jams, and preserves. Gelatin is an ingredient that can also be extracted from fish bones.

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