Smore Pie Pops

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This is a crazy and fun snack or even a dessert that puts together the yumminess of Smore Pie Pops in to a pretty pie crust you can make from scratch or buy from your grocer. Either way, you produce an easy, walk around treat that little kids, especially, will just adore. There is something about food on a stick that just makes it taste a little better and more appealing. And from a practical standpoint, it is a great way to save on dishes as well as help keep food from spilling, dripping or otherwise inexplicably smearing on all kinds of surfaces, walls, and other mysterious places.

This is an easy dessert and snack that you can make in just a few minutes and put on a stick for kids to enjoy. It has all the scrumptiousness of Smores with the interest of being placed on a stick to serve it up. Little hands can even help to make this treat by sprinkling the mini marshmallows as needed. (As always, be prepared to have a rather larger quantity disappear than seems to be in the snack itself when little hands are helping.)

If you want to bump up the nutritional value of this dessert a little bit, use 70 percent chocolate. There are plenty of nutritional benefits from chocolate and good research behind these assertions. For example, chocolate contains loads of the good fats that help protect the heart and lower cardiovascular disease, it can help protect your skin from the sun, and provides you with loads of antioxidants. That is if you use chocolate with at least a 70 percent cocoa content. Even if you make one-half of the recipe with darker chocolate and the rest with a milk or lighter chocolate you are doing yourself and your kids a great health favor. So try these snacks soon.

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