Smores Cookie Cups

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These little treats are so pretty that even if you are not planning on baking today you should check out these Smores Cookie Cups and bookmark this page for a later bake date. They are just a really pretty presentation that you can easily copy and that your kids will just love if you do it for them. The cookie part is put in to a muffin cup and then the marshmallow is plopped in to the middle with an entire chunk of chocolate on top. The contrasts of the golden cookie, white marshmallow and dark chocolate make this simple dessert or treat very appealing. And the kids will be gaga about it.

Smores were apparently invented by girl guides out on a camping trip who just started sandwiching their toasted marshmallows on graham wafers stacked with chocolate. Who wouldn't? The story about the first smores is now nearly 100 years old, a testament to what kids everywhere love to eat. What a perfect combination of flavors, and ones that young people especially adore. The frothiness of the marshmallow, the liquid flavor of the chocolate and the crunch of the graham wafer all work wonderfully together to produce a fun treat—if a very sweet one.

Kids will especially like this sweet treat. It could be a great bake sale item at school too, because of its really unique presentation. Check out the recipe today. Your young bakers can possibly make it themselves, and even the littlest hands can help to put marshmallows and chocolate in place. Of course, they will take their toll . . . or wage, depending on how you view it. So be sure to buy plenty of everything when you make this dish for your favorite family members.

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