Smores Peanut Butter Chocolate Pudding Pie

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This recipe is made up of layers of graham wafer (in the pie crust), yummy chocolate pudding, marshmallows and chocolate drizzle. It is an incredibly sweet, pie rendition of s’mores. Lots of stories exist about how s’mores came to be, one of them that the Girl Scouts of America invented them around a camp fire. Certainly, the practice of melting marshmallows and layering them in chocolate and sandwiching them between graham wafers does sound like a guiding (or cubbing) type of thing to do. However the recipe got invented, it is a wonderful combination of sweet, crunchy, and marshmallow squishy. All of which flavors and textures kids adore.

This recipe is easy to pull together. The pudding is a quick mix that requires no time at all to make, and the rest of the pie is a matter of assembly rather than baking. So get your little hands to help, especially in laying out the mini marshmallows on the top of the pie, and then with the drizzle that acts as a sort of coup de grace for the pie. It is not likely that the kids will turn out a pie as attractive as the one on the web site, but they will certainly enjoy helping you make it. And that is more important, right? Plus, it will taste just as delicious made as a sloppy mess as a tidy creation.

Let this pie chill as long as you can (before the kids mutiny and demand their bounty) before you eat it. It will certainly improve the longer it sets in the fridge. Overnight would not be too long to leave this pie before you cut in to it, but it is unlikely that this S’mores Peanut Butter Chocolate Pudding Pie will last much past dinner time. And that’s okay. Because some pies are just made to be eaten. Enjoy this dessert soon.

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