Smores Pie

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Nothing brings back memories of summer trips to my aunt and uncle’s cottage like the taste of S'mores. The only problem I found with S'mores, was that there was never enough “bang for your buck”, so to speak, because I could always eat them way to quickly. However, Kim from Relative Taste has found a way to bake all of that goodness into a S'mores pie that will definitely satisfy. Best of all, it uses home made chocolate pudding, which is so far and above the store bought stuff in quality, that it’s already enough of a reason to try out this fun, summer recipe.

S'mores, on top of being delicious, are apparently so celebrated in our national, cultural lore that they have been given their own day. I, for one, think that is about 364 days too few, but if you aren't doing anything August 10th, it’s National S'mores Day. The S'more flavor has been deemed such a perfect combination that it has inspired ice cream, candy bar and milk shake flavors, even air fresheners scents for your car (although I'm sure being tempted by the smell of S'mores while driving might become dangerously distracting for me).

The crux of a good S'more is a perfectly done marshmallow. Roasting a good marshmallow is, dare I say, an art form and the amount of variables that contribute to a successful roasting – the distance from the heat, strength of the heat, speed of rotation, steadiness of hand – requires the surgical dexterity of a culinary surgeon. Kim, however has simplified this marshmallow roasting procedure for us and although not your traditional roasting method, it is much more controlled, and therefore easier to get just right, than your typical camp-fire marshmallow.

You can find the full recipe and how to on 'Relative Taste' by following the link at the bottom of this article.

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