Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos

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Enjoy this Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos recipe that offers great flavor and plenty of popular and delicious ingredients that will have your kids and family lined up to eat this great burritos recipe. This Smothered Baked Chicken Burritos recipe is a couple of different recipes that come together in this one dish. So it will take some time to prepare, and you might want to enlist some help or even perhaps make parts of the recipe on one day and then pull the whole thing together on a separate day. Whatever way you make them, though, this chicken burritos recipe will be absolutely fantastic.

This burritos recipe begins with making slow cooker chicken so you will have to check that out on the site, Carlsbad Cravings, which also includes that recipe as well as the chicken burritos recipe here. The instructions are clear and straightforward for both other recipes, and there are plenty of terrific photos that work for them, too. So there is plenty of help to get you through this multiple step recipe. You can have lots of fun making it, too, especially if you get the kids to help out. And they will when they see what it is that you are making for supper tonight!

This recipe takes a bit of time to prepare, so leave plenty of time to pull this recipe together. The final step, the cream sauce, will take some time to prepare as well. But the end results will be a spectacular meal of chicken burritos. And it will be filling and completely nutritious combining the great complex carbohydrates of the tortillas with the protein of the chicken, among other things that go with this dish. And once you have all the parts together, this whole thing is then baked. That step will really help to solidify the flavors in this great dish.

Mexican foods are really wonderful, usually blending the tastes of meat, tortilla, cheese, as well as the lovely green flavors of chiles and cilantro and then all of it baked in a great spicy tomato base that makes this food so appealing to such a wide audience. You can enjoy it with this great recipe that will take some time to put together, but is worth the effort to do so. Keep this recipe bookmarked and enjoy it when you have some time to put the dish together. It will take some time, and has several parts to it, but when you do make it; you will have everyone in the family lined up for seconds and thirds of this fabulous chicken burritos recipe. Make this one for yourself, your kids and friends. They will love you for it!

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