Smothered Chicken And Gravy

Photo Credit: Melissa's Southern Kitchen

This recipe comes from the web site, Melissa’s Southern Kitchen, so beware. Almost any thing that comes from the south, including this recipe for Smothered Chicken And Gravy is just about as decadent as a dish can get. And this recipe does not disappoint. Just one glance at the first photo of this dish when it is fresh from the oven will have you running to the store to get the ingredients to make it tonight for your family.

This dish is quintessential Southern style, using lots of butter, making the gravy from scratch, and then adding extra soup to ensure a thick and rich sauce. Wow. Of course the recipe does not stop there, adding a whole series of seasonings. Again, the recipe starts with a commercial mix, then adds plenty of fresh seasonings to ensure really great taste. And this will be delicious. Chicken takes on seasonings, herbs, and other flavors beautifully because of its somewhat light and rather bland taste. That makes it a perfect meat to play up with all kinds of fun seasonings, as this recipe does.

This dish is also quite quick and easy to make. If you prefer, buy a whole chicken and simply chop it up. Although the recipe calls for chicken breasts, and many of us prefer them to dark meat or chicken with the bone in it, you can easily use the dark meat and chicken with bone in it for this recipe, and still get a terrific result. And do not forget about making this with just thighs. Dark meat is fabulous, and full of the same great nutrients that you find in the breast. As well, dark meat is often sweeter, and more tender, and holds its moisture better than the white meat often does.

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