Sneaky organic food shipped from china found to be highly contaminated with dangerous chemicals

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Organic and natural foods are more popular than ever before. And just because something is labeled as being organic food doesn't necessarily mean that it is good for you. With the popularity of organic food product on the rise, it has completely changed the way people shop and the way the supermarkets stock their shelves. Just because something is labeled as organic food doesn't always mean a change for the better. Organic food and natural food is more expensive to buy because there are more time and care that has gone into the growing and the entire process from farm to supermarket shelves. This has also meant that some of the companies have begun to be sneaky in trying to get around food laws. China is one of the biggest exporters or food and other products in the world, and the United States have not been able to get enough of their products for the past couple of decades. But Chinese imported food and the words organic food don’t really sit well together, and natural foods are probably one of the last places you would think that organic food would come from. But recently, there have been huge shipments of organic food from China that have been well received and had allowed shops to sell organic produce to consumers at lower prices, something which every grocery store strives for, to undercut their competitor. But when something seems too good to be true, most likely it probably is. This Chinese organic food has only been making its way into the United States because it has been labelled as organic food, even though in many cases it is not.

This is because of the harsher restrictions at the customs posts which receive the goods and a variety of foods from around the world into America. The custom posts need to make sure that the food that is brought into the county is safe and meets specific hygiene laws. In this area, however, there are lots of Chinese imports that were falling down, with many packages that were being rejected for not meeting quality standards. To get around this, it has lately been reported that Chinese firms have started sending out their food and labeling the food as organic food, despite this label not meaning anything in China. This way the companies were not breaking any laws in their country since there is no law to state what exactly what organic constitutes, and then U.S officials were having to simply trust when the food arrived that it was organic food. Without any proper laboratory testing, there is no way of knowing what chemicals or other contaminants were on the foods that were brought in. A bag of dirty potatoes that is labeled as organic food will look less inconspicuous as a lot of organic food is rough and ready when it is shipped.

But despite this, even the organic food from China that was meeting the organic standards in the United States has been deemed as unsafe, because of the poor conditions that food is grown in many parts of China. The high demand for organic products and the low prices that other countries are prepared to pay for them has meant that something had to give and that something is the quality of the food. Knowing this goes to show the importance of knowing where your food comes from. When you have the chance, it is always good to buy directly from your local farmer, especially when it comes to organic food.

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