Snickerdoodle Apple Bread

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This is the perfect snack for a late afternoon when you feel peckish, but don’t want to eat something too sweet before dinner. This recipe is a quick bread that incorporates apple with cinnamon and a cinnamon sugar topping to produce a light and airy bread-like cake. It can be served anywhere, and is great as a morning breakfast for when you don’t have time to make a full meal, as a snack, or even for lunch. And, as mentioned, it is the perfect tea cake at end of day.

This recipe is easy to put together, although it does take just under one hour to cook. That’s okay, because while it cooks, the entire family will mysteriously appear to see what is in the oven. Nothing smells as good as cinnamon and apple baking in the oven. This recipe calls for just one apple, and then a Granny Smith variety, but try a mixture of apples and maybe three or four of them, to create a real apple-filled treat. You can finely chop all the apples, or even grate them, if you like. Or, you can layer the apples either on the top or the bottom of the cake, in thinly sliced rows and layers, as you prefer. Any way is a good way to bake an apple, really.

Cinnamon offers a surprising amount of nutritional benefits. It is a sweet and peppery spice from the inside of the bark from the tree after which the spice is named. There are two different types of cinnamon, one considered true cinnamon and the other a supposed imposter. The imposter is the type normally available in your grocery store whereas the other variety is found in specialty shops at a much higher price. There are flavor differences, if a food snob wants to pursue them. But, for this little cake, either cinnamon will produce the lovely scent we all associate with the spice, taste wonderful.

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