Snickerdoodle Poppers

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This Snickerdoodle Poppers recipe will be greeted with plenty of great cries of β€˜oh boy! oh boy!’ when you make up this special treat for your family (and you, too, of course!). Make this snickerdoodle poppers recipe either as a treat or a late night snack and you will be the most popular person in your house (at least as long as the treat lasts!). And this poppers recipe is particularly easy because it uses all pre-packaged and prepared ingredients, so there is not too much work for you to do. That likely also means the treat will not have quite as good a flavor as if you had made it all from scratch; however, since this poppers recipe is deep fried, no one will complain. There is just something about the smell of fried food that makes every one’s eyes roll back in their heads. Fried food has just about the most delicious smell and taste around, whether you are making a thing that is sweet, as in this particular recipe, or any other item that could be savory (like fried chicken). All yummy.

So this special treat will also come together very fast, and you might want to allow the little ones to help you out with making parts of it. If concerns about hot and splattering oil are a problem, consider letting the little ones help afterwards when the vanilla pudding is squirted inside the poppers as a terrific filling. If that task is still too challenging or daunting for your kids, then let them sugar the poppers. If sprinkling the cinnamon sugar is too difficult, the little ones can even roll the snickerdoodle poppers right in the sugar mixture. After all, can there ever be too much sugar on something that is fresh from the deep fryer? Just watch that the little ones actually roll the snickerdoodle poppers in the sugar mixture and do not just stick their fingers in directly and eat all the sugar and leave the snickerdoodles behind!

This Snickerdoodle Poppers recipe can be served for plenty of occasions. It is a casual, quick and easy dish to pull together. It is also quite cheap since commercial biscuit dough and vanilla pudding are both dirt cheap to buy. Do not spend money on any special injectors to put the vanilla pudding inside the completed snickerdoodles. Just use a pastry frosting tip as the site creator and recipe developer, Oh Bite It, recommends. That will also save money and help to keep this Snickerdoodle poppers recipe eminently affordable for you and the family. So make this treat whenever you and your family are gathering together a fun evening and make it special for everyone. Enjoy it.

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