Snickers Apple Blondies

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This is a pretty little recipe for Snickers Apple Blondies that just reflects the creativity of the blogger and web site creator, It Bakes Me Happy. And this little dessert will certainly do that for you and your family. Check out the photos on the web site and see what a pretty dessert this recipe bakes up. You will be on it in a baker’s minute (which is surprisingly shorter than your average minute, just so you know). This curious combination of snickers and apples is really interesting, combining a really rich and sweet, nutty blend against something that is tangy and crunchy. It tastes great.

This is a recipe for a beginning baker. It is really easy and straightforward and your new baker will have plenty of success with it. There is only the apple to chop, and you can leave the skin on for this recipe (it will taste great here) and that makes the apple peeling task that much easier. So have your newbie go for it. Blondies are simplified brownies, really, where butter and brown sugar are combined to give the cake a sort of butterscotch flavor that is delicious. Apple and snickers will go wonderfully well against that flavor base.

The ingredients here are likely best blended by hand to ensure a light result at the end. Brownies (and blondies) are often better when they are hand blended. Over blending can sometimes cause cakes and cookies and brownies (blondies) to fall. In any case this is a lovely little recipe that is easily and quickly made. Eat the Snickers Apple Blondies warm with a bit of whipped cream or ice cream. The kids will love the extra treat. Enjoy them soon.

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