Snickers Cake

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This is a recipe for a cake that is loaded with lots of goodies in the middle of it that earn it the name of Snickers Cake. You will find caramels, loads of chocolate and pecans in the center of this yummy dessert cake. And although Snickers are made with peanuts, the addition of pecans will make a sweet and tender crunch to this cake. This dessert is also very sweet, so you may want to serve it with some whipped cream or ice cream just to cut the sweetness. Also, chilling the Snickers Cake will also make it taste less sweet.

This cake gets some help from a commercial cake mix that works to speed the baking process along, so this cake comes together more quickly. There is a bit of an unusual way to blend this cake, so read the recipe over before you begin so you know how this dessert comes together. It is not difficult to do, this cake is just a bit different from how cakes are generally baked. That is, this cake is baked in succession, which means that the layers are baked, then another layer is added and baked, and so on. It is a somewhat unusual way to bake a cake, but an approach that adds plenty of intrigue to this cake.

If you like this cake, you could probably also make the Mars bar version of the cake with just a few adaptations on your part. Or, think of what an Oh Henry bar cake might look like. Getting creative as a baker is half the fun of learning this craft. Try this cake out with the kids who will enjoy how it is baked in layers (before they gobble the whole thing down). Try this recipe soon. Your family will be happy that you did. If this cake does not appeal today, check out what else the web site, Six Sisters' Stuff, has to offer. There is plenty that might interest you there.

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