Snickers Cheesecake

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This is a very sweet dessert if you choose to make this snickers cheesecake. It has the lovely creaminess of a cheesecake and the chocolate, nuts and caramel of snickers, added with lots and lots of mini snickers bars. You may need some help putting all those snickers in to the this recipe, so call on the little ones to bail you out. They will be happy to, if the price is right, a fistful of snickers and a glass of milk when the job is done (or in progress, depending on their job negotiating skills). This is also a very impressive cake when all of the layers and toppings are put on. Make it for a special occasion where you want to pull out all the stops. This cake is easy to make, but with all the toppings and additions, it looks like you have spent many hours putting it together.

Cheesecake is a lovely dessert all on its own. It is simple, filling and nutritious. It contains less sugar than many other desserts and has a unique taste and texture from the heavy amount of cheese used in the recipe. Different cultures use different cheeses including ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone and even goat cheese. They all yield the dense consistency that marks a cheesecake. Cheese also goes well with many other flavors, especially fruits. That might be why so many cheesecakes are served with fresh or pureed fruits and sauces.

This particular cheesecake works with chocolate and caramel, flavors that are also terrific with cheesecake. The cake underscores the strong flavors of these two tastes, yet still maintains its own creamy and distinctive texture and taste. Try a cheesecake sometime. It is a great way to tell your family how special they are.

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