Snickers Cupcakes

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The secret to any great baked product lies in the time and effort you are willing to put out. Comfort desserts like this one from Tracey can be a great addition to your easy cupcake recipes list. Whenever you can find a recipe that includes a candy bar can’t be a bad thing. Many of us have our favorite candy bar we remember eating when we were kids and still enjoy up to this every day. Tracey’s cupcake recipe will give you the chance to pick any candy bar you like in case you are not a fan of snickers. Any comfort dessert you plan to make can always be made to include your favorite comfort food addition.

Any of many easy cupcake recipes you have can be a great reason to get your family included in the process. A family that cooks together eats together. These days it is tough to get everyone at the table at the same time but the secret to getting everyone together might just be cooking or baking together. If you have the chance to get your loved ones to help make a baked recipe then you will have succeeded in getting everyone together and doing something that can be enjoyed

by all and in so doing you will be able to talk and laugh and get closer to each other. In these days of run run run, anytime you can take a deep breath and do something both relaxing and enjoying your stress level will magically disappear.

Cupcakes are basically mini cakes that were first created when someone wanted to make individual cakes for their diners to enjoy. From that first one we now have specialty bakeshops that focus on only making cupcakes. Cupcakes have been around for a quite some time. They have a long history and were first written into a recipe in 1796 and were defined as a small cake usually made to serve only one person. That doesn’t mean that you can only serve one person with them since many people love to share them and sharing is a good thing. Whether you serve more than one is a choice but if you wanted you could buy a larger ramekin and make one that is big enough to serve two with. They are made as you would any regular cake and the mix is usually flour, butter, eggs and sugar. The ease in their creation is what keeps people coming back to them and is why there are so many different recipes and ingredients that go into them. This recipe from Tracey is a testament to the wide range of the many things you can bake into a cupcake recipe. This wonderful dessert is a great addition to your meal and if you decide to use snickers then go for it but just remember you can add and take away anything you like from any recipe. Thanks to Tracey of The Kitchen is My Playground Blog for this yummy Snickers Cupcakes Recipe that gives our favorite candy bar a new home and bon apetit.**

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