So Cool Heres How To Bake A Cake Inside An Egg

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If you are hoping to impress people with your amazing baking skills, even if you don't have any... try out these cakes in eggshells! So Cool! How To Bake A Cake Inside An Egg! It might seem strange at first, but it is such a great idea and would be so fun to eat too. This would be the perfect little dessert for Easter time, of course, because of all the eggs that get painted and jazzed up for the holiday. Kids would totally be excited to try out these fun treats and might even be surprised at what is inside!

If you are confused at how the cake got into the eggshell, it wasn't anything as complicated as you might think, and there was no magic happening to get the cakes surrounded by eggshell. Quite simply, as you will see in the video, the egg itself was taken out of the shell, which would be a great time to use them for the cake or for an omelette or soufflé or a quiche, or frittata, or something else that uses a lot of eggs. And it is removed gently by cracking the very top of the egg and just pouring the yolk and white out into a bowl.

You then of course have to clean them, which the video on You Tube shows, and then you just pour your cake batter into them and bake them up! What a fun and simple idea right?! Wouldn't it be cute to do the confetti cake or a rainbow swirl cake or different colours made with food colouring? You could also paint the eggs once the cake mix is baked inside and then when the kids broke them open they would reveal a coloured cake to eat! It would be so much fun!! Head over to 'You Tube' to try this out, just follow the link in the section below for more!

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