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Are you tired of starchy, under-cooked, understated baked potatoes on your dinner plate? Maybe you just haven’t been doing it right all these years! Baked potatoes are not only a delicious, versatile addition to a healthy, well-rounded meal, but also a healthy starch which has long been misunderstood. There is no need to run away from baked potatoes based on their carbohydrate content either, since they can be included as a part of any healthy diet in moderation.

In recent years, potatoes have started getting a bad reputation in the diet world as a food to avoid. Because of the potato’s high starch content, they do contain carbohydrates and many people are trying to avoid carbohydrates. Therefore, many people think they should avoid potatoes, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Potatoes contain many essential vitamins and health benefits including Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, not to mention they are tasty and filling.

Baked potatoes may not be as fast or mouth-watering as fried potatoes, or better known as French fries, but they are far healthier and far more versatile than a French fry. With this helpful guide to everything baked potato, you can whip up recipes for various types of baked potatoes using many different cooking methods. The great thing is, it won’t take you all day long if you are already short on time.

It is true that most people have busy, hectic schedules—especially during week nights—and don’t have a lot of kitchen preparation time to make hearty, healthy dinners. With this guide and the valuable information it contains, you can have baked potatoes served up easily on any weeknight quickly and easily. They will add a filling, versatile side dish to your selected entrée without much fuss at all. You can customize baked potatoes for each family member as well, simply by adding things like bacon bits, cheese or sour cream.

Look past the old undercooked, tasteless baked potatoes you may remember from your childhood and read through this informative, eye opening guide to baked potatoes and all their beautiful potential. You can feel good about your healthy food choice and please your palate and your loved ones too!

So, heat up that oven, ignite the barbecue, open your microwave, or plug in your slow cooker and get ready to re-invent baked potatoes in your kitchen. You don’t need special equipment, gadgets or kitchen supplies to start falling in love with baked potatoes again. Open your eyes to the amazing health benefits of choosing baked over fried, eating the skins instead of peeling and removing unsightly blemishes.
This guide has everything you ever need to know about baked potatoes and will rekindle your love for them once more and allow you to benefit from all the health perks inside each potato. Along with all of that, you will be support local farmers and keeping the agriculture business busy. Baked potatoes aren’t a boring, plain food that is bad for your diet anymore. Educate yourself with this guide and get back to baked potato enjoyment!

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