Soft Carrot Cake Cookie

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This recipe produces a big and soft cookie with a luscious icing that emulates carrot cake. Here, baby carrot food is added to the shredded carrots to ensure that the sweet flavor of that vegetable, as well as the great color and texture it provides, percolates throughout the cookie. The cookie is also nicely spiced, which tastes great against the sweet cream cheese frosting. This is a lovely recipe for cookies, which produces a flavorful and attractive cookie. Keep some of them un-iced for those who prefer the cookie plain, rather than with frosting.

The frosting is the classic cream cheese frosting that every one enjoys. Your up and coming baker could likely prepare this frosting for you while you make the cookies. Cookies cool quickly and so you will be able to frost these little snacks within only a few minutes of coming out of the oven. In fact, for frosting die hards, putting the cookie in to a bowl and then pouring the cream cheese icing over top and letting it melt in to the cookie is probably a treat they would love. Serve that globby bit of sweetness with a great cup of steaming black tea. Yum.

Cookies are a wonderful snack and dessert. Made well, they have all the flavor of any pie or cook, concentrated in to a few small bites. A good cookie can satisfy quickly, and one or two is enough. They are a great food because they provide just a few bites of some amount of sweetness that is often enough to satisfy your desire for dessert. And that saves a lot of calories, sugar and fat, if those ingredients concern you. Even if you are not watching calorie intake, an eye on the sugar and fat consumption is always warranted, and cookies provide an easy way to do that. Enjoy these cookies soon.

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