Soft Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Try this Soft Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, and enjoy a really yummy twist on a classic recipe. This chocolate chip cookies recipe includes a good dose of malt in it, about one half cup, so the flavor of the malt will be prevalent throughout the cookie. Malted milk is a curious thing. It is a blend of ingredients such as grains (like malted barley and whole wheat) blended with milk. The mixture is boiled and then evaporated to create a somewhat pale colored, granular mixture. This can then be blended with other ingredients such as milk powder, chocolate powder and so on, to create a blend to make flavored drinks. But the interesting part is the unique and singular flavor that you get from the boiling and evaporating process. Once you taste malted anything, it is hard to get that wonderful flavor out of your mouth. Adding it to chocolate chip cookie recipe is a terrific idea. The malt will wonderfully underscore and emphasize the chocolate and together the two flavors will create a really delicious cookie.

This cookie recipe is the standard chocolate chip cookie recipe that you can expect to find in a scratch cookie with the addition of malted milk powder. That makes it a unique twist on an old and favored classic. Your kids will certainly enjoy the taste; few people who try malted flavors do not like them. It is a rich and sultry taste that really lasts in your mouth, is filling, and delicious. This recipe is easy enough for your up and coming baker to make, so why not hand over the keys to the kitchen today and let him or her bake up some malted and chocolate cookie recipe to share with the family after dinner tonight? You can steal an extra cookie this afternoon with your tea (we will not tell anyone!).

This is a quick and easy cookie recipe that gets a yummy bump through the addition of a different sort of ingredient, namely, malted milk powder. This unique powder is a surprising blend of malted barley, whole wheat and milk that is boiled and then evaporated to create a powder. The powder was originally used as baby formula, but its taste quickly became popular with larger audiences and soon was being shipped worldwide. Today, you can find malted milk powder in almost any grocery store. If you have not enjoyed this great flavor before, be sure to try it in this chocolate chip cookies recipe. You will soon discover just how great it is, and it will become a staple in your household, just as it has in so many other households around the globe. Enjoy it soon.

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