Soft Sugar Cookies

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This super soft sugar cookie recipe looks perfect for Valentine’s Day, but by changing up the cutter and decorations, is a year-round all-occasion treat. Jamielyn, the blogger of I Heart Naptime, loves this sugar cookie recipe because it brings back memories of the sugar cookies she ate as a child. It’s also her go-to recipe because these cookies are soft, delicate, and buttery, just like a good sugar cookie should be. Icing smeared and adorned with pretty sprinkles, these cookies are tasty for adults and kids alike. Imagine using a pumpkin-shaped cutter, covering with orange icing, and dusting with orange sanding sugar, or garnishing a stocking cookie with red icing and sparkling red sugar. If you prefer, forgo the icing, and dunk or drizzle in melted chocolate.

Jamielyn provides two types of icing recipes for this classic sugar cookie recipe; buttercream frosting and cream cheese frosting. This is wonderful if you’re serving people with different tastes or if you only have butter or cream cheese on hand. Quite often sugar cookies are piped with royal icing as well, which is made with meringue powder and a large amount of icing sugar so that it sets to a firm consistency on the cookie. Creamy versions are best though providing those who eat buttercream-covered cookies with a yummy mouthfeel that makes sugar cookie recipes like this super soft sugar cookie recipe so addictive.

Sugar cookies have been around for a long time, but not as long as we might think. They have their origins in the Nazareth sugar cookie, which was a sweet, crumbly cookie first produced during the mid-18th century. Protestant German settlers to the Nazareth, Pennsylvania area of the U.S.A created these, and due to how easy they were to shape and cut, continued to gain popularity. Sugar cookie recipes, as we know them today, are so varied. The only constant is that they contain butter, flour, and sugar, and some kind of icing. Beyond that, you’ll find varying textures of cookies, from firm sugar cookie recipes to soft sugar cookie recipes.

Kids love to decorate, so why not get them involved in all the fun? If they are a little younger, pre-bake the cookies yourself before the decorating session. Then, display bowls of different icing colours and sprinkles for the kids to decorate and enjoy.Cookie cutters are varied in shape and size, and Jamielyn keeps the sugar cookie recipe open to her readers using whatever cutter they like. Your cookie yield may end up quite different from hers depending on the size of cutter you use. Just be sure to alter the baking time accordingly for larger or smaller cookies and you should end up with a perfect super soft sugar cookie recipe every time.

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