South Western Potato Salad

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What could be better than A Dash of Sanity with a side of South Western Potato Salad for supper tonight? Sandra, the blogger for this site and mom to a fab family of five (yup, you can count ’em if you can catch ’em) kids created this recipe and others so people could have great meals on a tight budget. This recipe also counts the calories by using lite, low fat, and no fat ingredients without sacrificing flavor or texture along the way. Since Sandra has her kids grading her food on a kid’s food scale from one to five, you can bet her meals have come under and lived up to some pretty tough scrutiny. So try this one out on your family tonight!

This recipe assumes you have already boiled your potatoes. Red potatoes are recommended for the salad. They are readily available at your local grocery store, have a thinner skin, and the flesh is wonderfully moist.Potatoes are an overlooked food group. They provide plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals and are really low in calories for how much they fill you up. The are especially fiber friendly if you eat the skin. Potatoes are inexpensive to buy, and they can be boiled, baked, chopped, fried, stir-fried, eaten alone, warm or cold, and go great with just about every meat, chicken, or fish variation you can think of. They taste delicious plain or smothered under something else like cheese or gravy. And through it all, we just expect our little potato to live up to all the food work we put it through. And indeed it does. This recipe blends a bit of heat with the addition of some jalepenos and the fresh green flavor of cilantros to give a real south western twist to the salad; thus, perhaps, the name. A few more ingredients that also say southwestern make this a unique salad you will want to try out on your family. Sandra says her kids love it, and you can believe it.

The photos and easy to follow directions on the site will help guide you to put it together and make a great statement on the supper table tonight.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, A Dash of Sanity, by following the link below.

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