Southern Alberta Ranch Listed for Record $42.5 Million US

Photo Credit: Calgary Herald

This would be an epic property to own. This Southern Alberta Ranch Listed for Record $42.5 Million US, is called the Bar-N Ghost Pine Ranch. It is a whopping 6,000 acres of property owned by Greg Noval, an executive for Alberta Oil and Gas. The price in Canadian Dollars is about $50 Million. He is selling because he is retired and growing older in age and doesn't need the huge property anymore. The property has six different houses on it, with a lake and a pond for fishing. Sounds like a little piece of paradise in the foothills of Alberta. Buying a home like this would be a dream come true for most people. This is the ultimate place to buy property in Canada. It also has a cattle ranch and winter cabins and corrals. Owning and running a property like this is a good way to live healthy while living the good life.

Buying property in Canada is a good idea with property prices in Canada reflecting the low dollar. A home like this is all about living the good life. The main home is 5,200 square feet, and then there is a guest home as well as the four other homes for the hired help. It's like a little town all of it's own! To buy property in Canada you don't have to go far. The property is located only 1 and a half hours south of the city of Calgary, and only and hour North from the US boarder, so this may entice certain buyers in the US to buy this Canadian property. In fact, Canadian property is very desirable to purchase right now by international buyers. Greg says that not many of the offers have been from Canadians, mostly international buyers are interested. And its no wonder buying a home like this is a good way to live a good life. You can design your life around this beautiful property and healthy living.

A luxury property like this can be a great place for living the good life, to use as a vacation home or getaway or a place to live full-time. Buying a home that you love and spending time in a luxury property and home like this is how to live a good life. Spending time in beautiful location that is close to nature, and away from your routine is a good chance to enjoy yourself, both physically and mentally. People who take vacations tend to be happier people overall and know plenty of positive life tips. Getting away to the property like this where you can go for long walks through the woods is a good place to living the good life. You are also more likely to be active when you are surrounded by fresh air and nature. A beautiful property is a good opportunity to start creating treasured memories with your family and friends, good live and it can be the starting point for a whole new adventure for you and your family's lives.

The layout is incredible, with the ranch and all the homes spread out over the 6,000 acres, leaving so much room for untouched nature. The rolling prairie hills look so beautiful in the background, all of the picturesque red barns in the foreground. This would be an exceptional property to own, especially for someone into ranching, or owning horses. They could even have their horse trails all over the property, such a way to good live! What do you think about this property? Is it too extravagant or would you love to live here? Read some more about this interesting place at the 'Calgary Herald' website, by following the link below! *

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