Southern Buttermilk Pie

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Southern style cooking doesn't spare anything, not fat or sugar; it's all or nothing. People have come to appreciate this now more than ever with all of the low-fat foods out there. The low-fat fad started in the 1980s when fat, especially butter was deemed bad and companies jumped on the bandwagon to start creating low-fat processed food options. The only problem with this is, they started adding more sugar to their processed foods, so even though they were taking out the fat, there was still lots of sugar which makes it just as unhealthy. Not to mention, a lot of these processed products are not even real food, just ingredients that resemble food. For example margarine instead of butter. There are lots of chemicals in margarine that people can't even pronounce, yet because of its low-fat content, people consume it. This is one of the dessert recipes that you won't find any of these types of products in, but full-fat foods like buttermilk and butter. There are ways that you could make this recipe healthier, but if you want to try the real deal, this is it. The is one of the easy dessert recipes from Jackie of Syrup and Biscuits. Her website focuses on southern style cooking and baking and family. She loves to look through her copy of Henrietta Dull's Southern Cooking cookbook published in 1928 and Jackie believes that buttermilk is the most important food in the kitchen.

The one thing that she notices about these older cookbooks is that there are no pictures or illustrations of the dessert recipes that are published in them. Also, the recipes were written in a simple way, and they didn't put down obvious steps in recipes because it was assumed that anyone making a recipe from their cookbook would have a basic knowledge of standard cooking methods. So if you were to look at one of these recipe books, you might think that some of the steps are missing, but they are not. It would be fun to try out some recipes from an older recipe book and see how they are to make as well as how they turn out. So for this recipe, you'll need a pie crust which you can bu pre-made or make yourself. Jackie has a great recipe for a single-crust butter pie crust that you can try out for this and other dessert recipes. You will also need eggs, sugar, flour, butter, and, of course, the buttermilk.

All you do is beat the yolks of the eggs separate from the whites and then mix together to flour and sugar in a separate bowl. Once they are mixed, add them to the flour mixture and then add in the butter and buttermilk. You'll also use the egg whites, so you need to beat them and then add them to the other ingredients. Then you simply pour the filling ingredients into the unbaked pie crust and bake in the oven. Allow the pie to cool and then serve up. The flavour of this pie is apparently very interesting. Jackie says that you might even think you're eating a lemon custard pie. But there is no lemon in this recipe at all; it's the tart flavour of the buttermilk coming through. The filling turns out like a custard, nice and thick and creamy and it browns up perfectly on the top as well. You can even add some fresh fruit on top of the pie to complete the recipe, or you can eat it plain. Enjoy this and other easy dessert recipes from Syrup and Biscuits.***

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