Southern Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread

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Cornbread is such a flavourful bread with a slight crunch from the coarse cornmeal that is used. A Southern staple, cornbread is now well known throughout the world because it is so hearty and can be made in some ways. If you would like to learn how to make homemade bread, this cornbread recipe is the perfect one to start with because it doesn’t require a fermented starter like sourdough or yeast bread recipes do. Instead of yeast, it is leavened with baking powder, which means this bread can be baked as soon as the batter is mixed. Katie, the author of Recipe For Perfection recipe blog, shared her mother’s cornbread recipe, which she has been enjoying her entire life. Like all great cornbread, this version starts with a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, which maintains a high heat and helps achieve the crust on the outside of the bread. Don’t worry, though, if you don’t have a cast iron pan to make this dish. Instead, you can simply preheat any oven-safe skillet of an equivalent size, like stainless steel, and you should achieve similar results.

If you have always wondered how to make cornbread, it is one of the easiest bread recipes you can make. This version consists of mixing a boxed cornbread mix with cornmeal, buttermilk and other ingredients until smooth. Once mixed, it gets poured into a preheated cast iron skillet. This easy bread recipe will be delicious served warm straight out of the oven, but can be eaten cold too. Since it makes a large batch of bread, your family may not eat it all, but rest assured that even stale bread has its uses. Consider pulsing leftover bread into crumbs to add as a binder to any ground meat recipes. Alternatively, cube the bread, toss with some oil and toast in the oven for homemade croutons you can add to your favourite salads or soups. Cornbread can also be cubed up for either a sweet or savoury bread pudding to serve for dessert or alongside roast meat.

This quick and easy cornbread recipe calls for buttermilk, which is a by-product of the butter making process. When whipping cream is whipped beyond the point of stiff peaks, the solids separate from the liquid. The solids are the butter, while the liquid is the buttermilk. The buttermilk is a thinner kind of milk and has a tangy taste, but regular milk can be used too. If you only have two percent milk on hand, simply add a tablespoon of vinegar to each cup of milk and allow it to sit for ten minutes. The vinegar will help sour the milk and mimic the flavour of buttermilk.

Cornbread originated in the United States, and in particular, the South, because cornmeal was more accessible and less expensive than wheat flour. Although several versions of cornbread include sugar, this simple bread recipe doesn’t use any. The cornmeal imparts a sweetness already, which is accented by the milky taste of unsalted butter. Today, cornbread is a quick and easy bread to make at home, because it doesn’t use very many ingredients and takes moments to mix and bake. You can make a large batch of this bread and eat it for a few days. If you require a bread recipe to sop up gravies or saucy stew, this cornbread is an excellent choice. If sliced in half horizontally, it could work well as a sandwich bread as well. Thank you to Katie, the author of Recipe For Perfection recipe blog, for sharing her southern cast iron skillet cornbread recipe with us.

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