Southern Cornbread Dressing

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When a recipe has the word, southern, in its recipe title as in this one for Southern Cornbread Dressing you can guess that it will be a fabulous recipe. If there is one thing the South does right (and there is actually plenty more) it is the cooking. It is always fabulous, fabulously decadent, and way over the top. Where one frosting is good, you will find two. If one sauce works, another is poured on top. Just to be sure it is really really good.

Here, you make a corn bread and use it to make the dressing up. How you can keep your family from eating the corn bread has got to be a Southern secret. It would never work in my own house. But, assuming you have success in keeping the kids and rest of the family from gobbling the bread down, you start with corn bread for this great dressing. Lots of fantastic ingredients are then blended in, including onions, celery, butter (of course, the calling card of great Southern cooking), and other stuffing seasonings. The whole thing is blended and baked. This is a fabulous dressing. It is actually easy to make, too, so a new cook could try this one on his or her own. It is a great way to learn about using one dish in order to create another, and a great culinary exploration.

You can eat this dressing with turkey, chicken, beef, and even fish. The thing about corn meal and corn flour is that the slightly sweet flavor and granular texture goes well with just about everything. Add some sweet potatoes on the side (for any of the meats, chicken or fish) and you will have a grand and delicious meal—Southern style. Enjoy this Southern Cornbread Dressing soon, won’t you?

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