Southern Peach Cobbler

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This is a lovely Southern Peach Cobbler that lets the peaches do the talking. It combines two steps to make the dessert. First, you prepare the peaches according to the instructions, a whopping 10 cups of them (!), then you make the crumb or topping. Put the two together, sprinkle it all with the cinnamon blend suggested, and in a short 30 or so minutes, you have a wonderful peach cobbler.

Cobbler is a very old dessert that may have originated in northern Europe, but a recipe that most cultures share in some way. Fresh fruit is a natural for dessert, and putting a little sugar and butter on top and then frying it in a skillet was one of the earliest ways to make a cobbler. Later, as ovens became more prevalent and reliable, dishes were moved to that place to bake. This recipe is a modern day version of that old tradition. Peaches are one the summer’s loveliest fruits, soft and luscious whether you serve them raw or cooked. They pair well with wines, meats, and other fruits and hold their own alone. They are related to the almond, in the same subgenus; perhaps that explains why almonds and peaches are such a natural and complementary pairing. Peaches also make a great jam, although you don’t see it much because they can become discolored over time. If you do not mind that, make peach preserves when the fruit is at the height of the season. It is a glorious treat that you can eat right out of the jar (and likely will), over ice cream, and, of course, on fresh baked bread. Yum. Start with this lovely peach cobbler, and build from there. Enjoy.

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