Southern Peaches & Cream Skillet Cornbread!

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Southern Peaches & Cream Skillet Cornbread! What could be better for dessert tonight?

Corn, corn flour and corn meal bring a unique flavor and texture to foods. Corn is usually thought of as a vegetable that is really quite sweet, and that sweetness can be tasted in the flour and meal that can be made from this versatile food. As a result, meals made with corn or corn derivatives often have a sweetness to them that might not otherwise be there and can help to smooth hot and spicy flavors where they are often used.

So it might not surprise you to learn that corn is technically a fruit, although it is usually studied as a grain along with foods such as wheat and barley. To most of the world corn is known as maize. It is an old world product that, originally, was quite tiny, closer to the mini corn we now find in pickling jars. Over time, and with research, corn has been developed into a wide range of larger hybrids and varieties including sweet corn, early corn, yellow corn, yellow and white corn, purple corn, even black corn, and many other variations. There are at least 100 variations on the corn species, Zea mays.

Corn works well to underscore the sweetness of peaches. Here the use of cornbread gives a wonderful light crunch to the soft texture of the peaches. Topped with icing, it becomes a nice balance of flavors.

This recipe is also good for either young people just learning to cook or tiny hands that want to help. Littlest ones can stir or help to open and pour packages. Older bakers can probably do much of the work themselves. This recipe is made easier by using some pre-packaged products that can really help new bakers to learn the ropes and always achieve some level of success for their efforts.

The method of cooking the dessert in a skillet is also a good learning tool for young bakers, and helps them understand how different pots and pans made from different materials work.

In the end, of course, the best part about this dessert is just how delicious peaches are when they are baked and how good they are paired with corn. Although the recipe calls for fresh peaches, frozen peaches will also likely work. Increase your baking time by a few minutes if you use frozen fruit.


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