Southern Pecan Butterballs

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This Southern Pecan Butterballs recipe will create lovely round cookies smothered in finger licking good icing sugar that you and your family will gobble up. Serve this Southern Pecan Butterballs recipe, once you have made plenty of these pretty and round cookies, with hot tea. And be ready to dunk, because they are a slightly dry cookie that simply demands something to dunk it in to. This pecan butterballs recipe calls for butter flavored shortening. Shortening gives a particular texture to the desserts where it is added in to; here, it will make the cookie a bit crunchier, rather than a soft textured bite that would develop from using butter. You can choose which you prefer to use, shortening or butter. Neither has any particularly greater virtue, although some pundits might argue that butter is derived from natural sources and still remains a relatively unprocessed food when compared to the machinations that are required to produce shortening. But you decide which you prefer to use with this Southern Pecan Butterballs recipe, and then enjoy it.

This recipe takes only a few minutes to get pulled together and baked. While they are still warm, start to roll the cookies in the icing sugar. This method will allow the icing sugar to permeate the cookie a little bit, and add a fabulous exterior finish that tastes great and has a super texture. Then be sure to entirely smother the cookies in icing sugar. I know some people who serve this southern pecan butterballs recipe with the cookies entirely smothered in a sea of icing sugar. People have to dig in and pull out the little round balls and pop them in their mouths with icing sugar in the air and on their fingers. It is loads of fun, and the butterballs are quite delicious.

This pecan recipe is not difficult to make, but it does result in somewhat wet dough that makes handling the dough perhaps just a bit tricky. If you are a new baker, just take it slow. And do not forget to use parchment paper on the cookie pans in order to prevent sticking as well as burning of these pretty cookies. These cookies also include nuts, which means plenty of oil (fats) in the mix. It also means a bit of nutrition, although who cares when the cookies taste this good? But pecans do bring plenty of good fats, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals to this little cookie, as well as help to slow down the absorption of sugar in to the blood stream, thus avoiding the sugar surge or sugar rush that can accompany eating high sugar foods. So enjoy these cookies whenever you want a special treat.

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