Southern Style Green Beans

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Food made in classic Southern style is almost always entirely over the top delicious. And that is precisely what you get with this recipe for Southern Style Green Beans, a rich and flavorful dish of terrific green beans flavored with bacon and butter. Yum. It is really too bad that animal products are so bad for us, because they taste so fabulously scrumptious. Can anything match the taste of fresh and crisp bacon? Or the lovely and creamy flavor of butter? And in this recipe, you get both. And these sultry and rich flavors are offset with the sharp and piquant flavor of red pepper flakes. Do not leave them out, even if you are not fond of spicy foods. Just a few pepper flakes will punctuate the flavor of the beans, bacon and butter, and really improve the taste of this wonderful little side dish.

Green beans, of course, are one of the fabulous foods of summer. If you grow them in your back yard, you can pick them fresh for dinner, which is the best way to eat beans. Of course, you will have to pick twice what you plan to cook since you will be munching on so many of them while they are still raw! Green beans retain their nutritional value, or at least most of it, even when they are processed as canned or frozen. So even if you cannot get green beans fresh, use processed beans. Green beans have the highest concentration, overall, of all antioxidants when you compare them to other legumes (like peas, for example). In addition, green beans supply an important mineral, silicon that plays an important role in keeping connective tissue strong and bones healthy.

This dish blends some yummy and some healthy ingredients to make these delicious beans. Bacon works wonderfully with so many dishes and foods and it is no exception here with the green beans. Make this recipe when ever you feel like it. Even served by itself, as a snack, this dish offers plenty that is delicious and filling. Enjoy this dish soon.

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