Southern Style Macaroni and Cheese

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Homemade meals are always better than prepared items, which this southern style macaroni and cheese recipe proves. Rather than a store-bought package of macaroni and cheese, you can prepare this extra cheesy version with the addition of Cajun seasoning. Any mac and cheese recipe is bound to be heavy in calories because of the propensity of cheese and milk or cream, but making homemade ensures that you know exactly what is going into your family’s bodies. Teresa, the author of this baked macaroni and cheese recipe, has heightened this comforting pasta dish by infusing southern flavors into it. Besides the addition of bright orange cheese, like sharp cheddar, she dusts each layer of this easy macaroni and cheese with Cajun seasoning.

Cajun seasoning is essential to this macaroni and cheese recipe because it adds a hint of spiciness which cuts through the richness of the cheese and cream. This spice mixture can be purchased in most grocery stores, but if it can’t be found, you could make your blend which would taste just as good. Simply mix ground hot red pepper with thyme, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper for a savory and fiery mix. By making your Cajun seasoning blend at home, you can adjust the heat level for your family, especially if you have young family members who don’t enjoy spiciness. If you don’t enjoy Cajun seasoning at all, however, you could substitute with a low sodium taco seasoning, which will impart much of the same flavors, only with the additions of cumin and chili powder instead.

If you require easy dinner ideas, this cheesy casserole recipe can be an excellent make-ahead dish. In the morning of the day you would like to enjoy this dish, you could prepare it up to the point of assembling in the casserole dish. At the end of the day, you can come home and bake the macaroni and cheese recipe according to the instructions. This easy meal is so delicious as is, but if you are looking to make it a little healthier, you could substitute the cheeses with low-fat versions and replace the cream with a lighter dairy option. The high-fat cream won’t be missed due to the generous amount of cheese and the addition of eggs to the cheese sauce, which makes this mac and cheese recipe extra velvety and rich. If desired, you could even infuse this casserole recipe with some finely chopped sautéed bell peppers, onion, and celery, or replace the macaroni noodles with a whole-wheat version.

Easy and delicious dinner recipes like this are wonderful for weeknights because it provides a tasty supper for the family to enjoy. Everyone, whether kid or adult, will enjoy this take on mac and cheese, especially with the use of multiple kinds of cheeses and the incorporation of savory Cajun flavor. Thank you to Teresa, the author of Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen recipe blog, for sharing her southern style macaroni and cheese recipe with us.

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