Southwest Chicken Wrappers

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I do not often have egg roll wrappers in my kitchen, so it was just pure luck that I had a package when this recipe appeared in my email the other day from a great Mom and daughter website called 'Relative Taste'. First of all, this website is packed with yummy manageable recipes to try out, many of which I have tasted and loved, so I was confident that these wrappers would be a hit.

Learning to roll and seal the egg rolls wrappers is only a tiny bit frustrating, but in a few tries I had the process down packed and the process was rolling along. I was lucky enough to have all the ingredients for this recipe...basically a southern mix of shredded chicken, spices, onion and peppers.

To fry these, you will need to be careful since it a deep frying process and there is always the risk of getting splattered with hot oil. It is best to have a long pair of tongs and have your station set up with a paper towel lined plate so you can remove the wrappers from the hot oil and directly onto the paper towel where any extra oil will drip off.

It is important while deep frying not to let the outside get too brown or else it will just be a bit overcooked. Since the interior is all cooked, you want to focus on a golden brown on the first side before you flip it over to the other side. Each side will only take about 2 minute to cook, so be mindful.

Mmm we served these up with some sour cream, guacamole and salsa and the plate was devoured! For the full list of ingredients and directions visit the website link below to the 'Relative Taste'.

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