Southwest Pepper Jack Salad with Creamy Avocado Salsa Dressing

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If the title of this recipe makes you think it might be too complicated, think again. This Southwest Pepper Jack Salad with Creamy Avocado Salsa Dressing is much simpler to prepare than you think. And if you can find willing hands to help out it will all come together easily and quickly. The website also offers great pictures to help illustrate the process so there is plenty of support if you attempt this dish.

Really, this dish has two parts. First, you put together the salad. As the title of the salad suggests, this is a southwestern special made with canned corn kernels and black beans. The real challenge may come when you turn to the dressing. The avocado is a smooth, cool and creamy combination that works well against the snap of the salad. It can be served alone for lunch or even as a light dinner. Or pair it up with chicken, meat, or even fish. The website offers some great complements to consider for this one.

This recipe is also very pretty visually and impressive enough to take to family and friend gatherings. Everyone will appreciate the healthy combination and taste sensation. And it will ensure future invites to other events!

Black beans are an important part of the flavor and look of this southwestern dish. But did you know that black beans are very good for you? In Brazil, where black beans are grown and where they form a large part of the diet, black beans have their own place on the food pyramid because of the many health benefits that this special bean has to offer. Legumes generally are highly recommended as a key food group for helping to prevent disease and maintain good health. So be sure to add black beans to other dishes to take advantage of the black bean.

This salad and its accompanying dressing do take a lot of ingredients. You may not keep all of them around the house, but it is likely you can find them in your local grocery store. Be sure to read the recipe over and make a list before you begin so that you have everything on hand.

It may require some extra effort to make this salad for your family and friends, but you will find it is worth the effort. Why not make some up today for dinner tonight?

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