Spacious Not So Tiny Cabin with Large Windows

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This spacious not so tiny cabin with large windows is a small house design that comes from Rich’s Portable Cabins located in North Powder, Oregon. Alex, an author of the Tiny House Pins website, has shared some information about this cabin with their audience. The cabin is on wheels, which makes it the ideal building to transport to the desired location, such as a cottage property or to a park location. This log house has everything a small family would need to live, from a working kitchen with appliances to a functional bathroom. This space even presents a bedroom on the main level as well as an upper loft for whatever use you prefer. If you are leaning towards having a smaller home and have always loved the warmth provided by a log house, this tiny cabin may be the perfect choice for you.

The company, Rich’s Portable Cabins, grew out of the owner, Rich Daniel’s desire to move into a new career when witnessing the downturn of the timber industry as a timber cruise contractor. Having his own company helped him continue to do what he was passionate about in a sustainable manner. His company provides several tiny cabin designs, as well as tiny homes and park model tiny homes, which people can purchase. Rich’s Portable Cabins offers several tiny cabin designs which excellent places are to start for the novice purchases, and Rich will work with you to customize each design to your preferences. For example, if you have appliances you would like to use in your new home, you have to provide Rich with the dimensions so that they will be able to fit in the home. This specific small house design is called the Puget Sound, which uses cedar lap siding for an attractive finish. If you choose to purchase this model, you could also have the choice of adding a covered front porch, drywall interior, shower, and pine interior. The versatility of the company’s designs makes this log house a very desirable option for purchase.

If you love to cook and are concerned that a small house design may not provide enough space for a decent sized kitchen, this home will. While it isn’t the largest of kitchens, this log house offers a counter, sink, stove, and fridge, which are everything you would need to prepare delicious meals. The bathroom is a full bathroom including a bathtub and shower. Like many tiny cabin designs, this home has an open concept living area so that space feels a little roomier, as well as a loft area for extra sleeping or storage.

If purchasing a tiny cabin seems like the right choice for you to have as a holiday home on a waterfront property or in a park, lots of details are provided on the Rich’s Portable Cabins website, which you can find at There are several photos which will show how the interior is laid out as well as information about all the house features. They also provide a frequently asked questions section which will be the perfect way of getting some basic information about the process of purchasing a tiny house before contacting the company for more details. If you do decide to pursue a tiny cabin with Rich’s Portable Cabins, they have a handy contact form on their website, or you can phone them directly. There are only a few things you would need to do in preparation for the arrival of your log house, such as ensuring there is a foundation it could be laid on. Beyond that, these homes can be hooked up to hydro and water wherever you choose to live. Thank you to Alex, an author at Tiny House Pins, for sharing information about this cabin with us.

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