Spaghetti and Cheese Casserole

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This recipe title, Spaghetti and Cheese Casserole, has a lot of words to make you happy in it including spaghetti, cheese and casserole. A casserole means that the dish will almost certainly come together easily, be full of comfort ingredients, and not too fussy to make. And, you may even already have all or most of the ingredients in your cupboard or freezer and fridge. Cheese, almost by definition, means something yummy is coming your way. Cheese is always a welcome food, by most people anyway, and when it is combined in a spaghetti you know that tomato is involved, which makes it even better. So this dish will likely be quick, easy, cheap and fabulous. Every one will come to the table, and happy to see it there.

And when you read the recipe, comfort food at its best is just what you get. The casserole is layered with spaghetti, meat and cheese, along with the tomato sauce. What a great layering, and what great taste. The recipe blogger also recommends to cook the spaghetti to el dente. This is good advice for various reasons. First, if you over cook or even cook to full ‘doneness’ the spaghetti, by the time it gets cooked for the second time in the casserole, you may find that the spaghetti is over cooked, and too squishy and soft. When that happens, the spaghetti is absorbed in a way quite similar to sugar and can cause sugar rushes (because it is a simple carbohydrate) when you eat. And that is no good. So just cook the pasta to the el dente stage and no further. One small change you could make to this recipe to really bump up the nutrition is to use real garlic, rather than garlic powder. Just mince the garlic up and add it to the meat when you brown it. It will add terrific flavor and plenty of nutrients. This casserole completes with two cheeses, and lots of both. So this dish will be cheesy. With both meat and cheese in this dish, cut the pieces small. They will be very filling. Add a mixed greens salad on the side made with plenty of fresh squeezed lemon and pepper and it will perfectly complement this meal. Enjoy it soon!

Nutrition Facts for: Spaghetti and Cheese Casserole from Mrs Happy Homemaker
Ingredients: Ground chuck, onion, cloves of garlic, spaghetti sauce, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, spaghetti noodles, cream cheese, butter, all purpose flour, milk, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.* Per Serving: Calories 756, Calories from Fat 256, Total Fat 28.4g 44%, Saturated Fat 16.6g 83%, Cholesterol 118mg 39%, Sodium 8949mg 373%, Potassium 1056mg 30%, Carbohydrates 95.1g 32%, Dietary Fiber 3.4g 14%, Sugars 3.8g, Protein 33.8g, Vitamin A 18%, Vitamin C 6%, Calcium 68%, Iron 27%

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