Spaghetti Salad

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Who doesn’t love spaghetti the next day, and who hasn’t eaten it for breakfast? Well, here at last is a spaghetti salad that mixes ingredients up to actually make a great salad. This could be served either with the spaghetti still warm or after you have chilled it thoroughly. Either way, this is a delicious meal full of good nutrition to serve your family.

This recipe includes veggies such as zucchini, and peppers, as well as onions. So this will be a colorful dish. Think about how you want to chop these vegetables. They are all conducive to great fun shapes that really can give a big visual impact to this dish (beyond the usual chopped medium pieces, that is). There is also plenty of color here including yellow, red and green. Colors are a great way to guess at balance in a meal. A plate that is full of color is more likely to be a balanced meal than a plate that is loaded with just one uni-colored item. Think about a huge steak on a plate as compared to say, potatoes made with the skins on them, steamed greens and carrots and a much smaller piece of meat. Can you visualize the difference? So as much as we love regular spaghetti for breakfast, this dish is much more balanced (and you can serve it to your friends!).

Colorful foods mean that a wide range of vitamins and minerals are being delivered in any dish, so consider color when you bake food for your family. This particular recipe delivers color in spades providing a great spaghetti salad that can be served as an entire meal in itself, or allowed to stand as a side dish in a larger dinner. Try this recipe soon; then when you make spaghetti next, make enough to prepare this dish the next day. Enjoy it soon.

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