Spanish Style Stuffed Peppers

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Do you love stuffed peppers? This is a great recipe and it is called Spanish-Style Stuffed Pepper. These sweet bell peppers are stuffed with a rice filling that includes some tasty sausage, salsa cheeses and other yummy ingredients. This is so colorful as all the colors of the bell peppers have been used. The yellow, orange, red and the green! Do you have a favorite one. Each of these sweet peppers has their own unique flavor.

Here are some facts about sweet bell peppers. Peppers come from the capsicum annuum family. The sweet ones are grown for their subtle hotness yet sweet, delicate peppery flavor. The red bell pepper is particularly sweet. Sweet peppers have crunchy thick fresh. They are less pungent than hot peppers. Peppers are primarily grown for export in Mexico and Central America although you can easily grow them in your own garden.

Bell peppers are stacked with nutrients that over health promoting properties. These peppers are rich in Vitamin C. Especially in the red pepper. It has the highest level. Consuming fresh, raw red pepper on a regular basis in our salads is a good practice to get into. These peppers are also high in Vitamin A, plus you are going to find adequate levels of essential minerals in this tasty vegetable. The green pepper is well known as the main pepper used in the Greek salad, although, for those that prefer the sweeter flavor of the red pepper, it can easily be substituted. The yellow bell pepper seems to offer the most bland of the flavors of the four. Fresh peppers are readily available in the supermarkets. Purchase firm brightly colored ones for the best flavors. When you get them home, they keep best refrigerated.

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