Spicy Fried Pork Chops

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If you are not accustomed to Creole cooking, brace yourself for this recipe for Spicy Fried Pork Chops. The amount of spicing may take your breath away, even if it is not your first creole go around. Do not fear the spicing, though, and do not shy or hold back if you decide to make this dish. Creole cooking tends to be more loaded with flavor than hot and spicy, although it can be both of those, too. Still, this dish will be fabulous, and your family, even if unaccustomed to the richness of Creole cooking, will absolutely love it. Of course, Creole cooking is dangerous. You can get fat awfully fast by eating the food, even the food that is not fattening in terms of its ingredients or how it is baked. That is because Creole cooking is almost impossible to stop eating because of its fantastic flavor. So if you make this dish (and I strongly urge you to try it) make it in small quantities, and enjoy a single serving.

Read all the parts to this recipe before you begin. You may or may not have to make a special run to the grocery store to ensure that you have all the spicing you need in the cupboard to make the dish. This dish includes a breading or flouring for the pork, a gravy, and a fabulous recipe for smashed potatoes. Consider not peeling the potatoes, even though the recipe recommends that you do, in order to boost the nutrition in them. The skin adds a lot of fiber, a component that most North Americans do not get enough of in their daily food plan. Of course, you will still get all the great vitamin C and potassium as well as other good vitamins and minerals from the potatoes, but even so. Keep the skin on. It tastes great, adds flavor, and of course, there is the fiber.

This dish is not quick to make, and probably should not be taken up by your beginning baker, unless he or she is no longer a beginner, of course! Put some lovely green beans along side this dish of spicy fried pork chops, gravy and potatoes. Yum. It just does not get any more delicious than this. Honest. Try it out soon.

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