Spicy Potato Wedges

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Try this recipe and be sure to use all the spices to get the spicy in to these Spicy Potato Wedges. They are delicious and a great complement to a lot of dishes including any thing on the BBQ, chicken, meat or fish. The easiest way to blend spices and evenly distribute them on veggies like potatoes is to put all the spices in to a zip lock bag. Then just add the veggies in to the bag and shake well—be sure, of course, that the bag is big enough to hold all the veggies at once.

Here, potatoes are used as the base vegetable, although others could work, too. But potatoes are a fantastic, and sometimes under-appreciated veggie. Potatoes can be cooked in myriad ways including boiling, baking, frying, deep frying, mashing and many other approaches. They are great with spicing, as here, but they can also be added in to sweet dishes to improve consistency, texture and add moistness. Potatoes are just a super veggie. They are low in calories, at only about 100 in a medium potato, contain no sodium, and has no cholesterol. They have lots of vitamin C, potassium (more than bananas and spinach), and if you leave the skins on (be sure you do) they are a great source of fiber, too.

These potatoes can be made by the kids once you have mixed up the seasonings. Let them add every thing in to the bag you are using and they will have a lot of fun shaking the whole thing up and spreading the spices over the potatoes. Keep this recipe book marked and enjoy it with hamburgers or other casual meals.

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