Spinach Ricotta Chicken Roll Up

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Spinach ricotta chicken roll up uses a cheese in it that the Italians love, and invented, ricotta. It is made from the whey that is left over from making other cheeses. It was likely invented at a time when not a single fragment of food that could be distilled from any thing was ever wasted (if only we were more like that today!). It can be made at home, if you make other cheeses, by a boiling process of the whey that is then soured, often using vinegar. The resulting cheese is the incredibly mild and tender ricotta. Commercial cheese is, of course, much more sophisticated in its processes, but that describes one way to make this delicious cheese.

Spinach is a wonderful vegetable. And it works in all kinds of ways, and tastes great whether you eat it raw or cooked. Here is a big word to remember about spinach: glycoglycerolipids. That is a new discovery from research that shows how much spinach helps protect the digestive tract, especially from inflammation. Spinach has also been shown to offer significant protection against the risk of prostate cancer, so serve this often to all the men (and growing men) in your family. Spinach also contains a huge, long list of vitamins and minerals. Particularly, spinach contains vitamins K and A, as well as manganese, folate, magnesium and iron (to name only a few of the many elements you could find in spinach). So spinach is a great food to add wherever you can in to your family’s food plan. Cheese and chicken together offer a lot of good protein to this meal, as well as fabulous flavor, but perhaps that goes without saying.

This is a lovely dish that is also fairly easy to make. It uses great ingredients like spinach, chicken and ricotta that work together and complement each other wonderfully well. Try this dish soon. It may become a regular part of your family’s food plan. Enjoy!

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